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From the start, our ambition has always been to create resonant, unexpected, collectible picture books. And over the years we’ve demonstrated we can recognize and develop irresistibly unique projects; from rejuvenating timeless properties in the public domain, to marrying cutting edge author and illustrator collaborators.


The Mütter Museum -
A Junior Guide's Tour of America's Coolest Medical Museum
Join A.J., the Mütter Museum’s junior-est guide, on a tour of the world’s best-known medical museum. A.J. will take you on a fun and wildly educational journey through the Mütter’s amazing collection of medical specimens and objects. 


Maia and the
Very Tall Wall
Maia is a curious girl, with lots of questions that she asks anyone who will listen. Behind Maia’s house is a peculiar stone wall. As Maia grows older, she notices that the wall grows too. 
Max's Box: Letting go of Negative Feelings
Max’s parents give him a very special gift; a tiny box that can hold absolutely everything. Max soon learns, however, that feelings can’t be put away as easily as toys. 
Wee Witches

This ABC primer is a playful and richly symbolic introduction to the world of Wicca and the magic of Nature. Illustrated poems bring to light the Pagan Path, with each letter featuring a Wee Witch learning about the wheel of the year, tools of the Craft, rites of passage, faerie friends, and meaningful colors. This is a helpful and affirming tool for Pagan families, as well as an appealing collection of subtle, educational light verse for their budding Wee Witches, including A for Acorn, M for Maypole, and S for Spiderweb. Accurate symbols of Witches’ worldview are woven throughout the magical artwork, as well as hidden clues to a secret “Witch Name” revealed at the end of the book

The Bathysphere Boys
The real life story of the first deep sea dive told in rhyme! Book #2 of Unhinged History
Unraveling Rose

Rose is a stuffed bunny who loves the little boy she lives with and all the fun they have together. They play in the park, paint pictures, read stories—until she discovers a loose thread dangling from her arm.

Sticks 'n Stones 'n Dinosaur Bones

The first book in our Unhinged History series is a ripping yarn. Full of adventure and deceit, it brings to life the best-known spat in all of paleontology: the bitter rivalry between Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh.

Mr. Owliver's
Magic at the Museum

Mr. Owliver loves being night watchman at the Animaltown Art Museum; he’s an owl and up all night anyway, and proud to protect such beautiful works of art. Making his rounds on the night of his birthday, Mr. O. discovers that things aren’t quite as they should be, that something very odd is going on in all the galleries. And so begins a happy night full of birthday surprises. 

Have you ever wondered what our pets do when we are not around? One little boy might just have the answer.


The Thing that Ate Kickapoo!
Lock the doors! Close the shutters! Pull down the shades! Everyone in Kickapoo is spooked by a “Sweet Tooth Thief” who’s on the loose.


Casey at the Bat
 Since its debut in 1888, that closing couplet has continued to echo down the decades. The ballad about a puffed-up 19th-century sports superstar quickly caught on with an America ready to elect Baseball the national pastime, and its position as an everlasting classic was instantly secured—safe at home, you might say.


Have you ever wondered what our pets do when we are not around? One little boy might just have the answer.

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"A wonderful way to dip your young one's toe into the macabre-educational collection that is the Mütter Museum. It's all here! Give your curious kiddo a book that will 'disturbingly inform' their friends, and teach them some anatomy at the same time!"
Mike Zohn, costar of the reality show Oddities and co-owner of Obscura Antiques & Oddities, NYC

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