More than a quick decade ago, our children’s Art and Design Division rose like a baby phoenix from the golden ashes of S.I. International. One of the grand, old New York City illustration agencies.

There were writers and other creative-hyphenates in our first stable of artists, burning to get their own stories out there. So, after a little ambitious reinvention, an initial handful of modest eBooks became good-lookin’ picture book paperbacks became a growing line of outstanding and innovative hardcover Pixel Mouse House Books.     

With our team’s combined-lifetimes of book building experience, we discovered we could anticipate trends, reinvent looks, and understand which limbs were worth venturing out on—books still come from recycled trees after all.

From the start, our mission has always been to create books that kindle kids’ curiosity, honor their concerns, individuality, and diversity, all the while fueling their incredible imaginations.

While the kids’ book bizz has changed amazingly, every title of ours is still a labor of love, born from the hearts and smarts of our authors and artists, editors and designers.

And to answer and an age old question – Yes, Children’s Books are for everyone. Adults and children alike to enjoy. 

Very warm wishes,

Pixel Mouse House Books