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Nano’s Journey! A Little Stem Cell Visits the Heart and Lungs

The human body contains many organs, and every organ is made up of countless tiny Normal Cells with a job to do. Little Nano is different; she is a cell with an evolving story, a Stem Cell. Nano can become different kinds of Normal Cells, but she doesn’t know which kind yet, or which organ she’ll eventually call home. Big decisions! So the little Stem Cell will go exploring the organs of the human body, a wonderful journey!

“NANO’S JOURNEY! A Little Stem Cell Visits the Heart and Lungs” is a picture book written for 1st to 5th grade students. It is the first in a series that will explore the organs of the human from a Stem Cell’s point of view. Stem Cell Science is an extremely important field, central to research in Embryology, Diseases, and Aging.

Author Aldo Pourchet is a biologist, veterinarian, and biotech entrepreneur based in SanFrancisco. He spends most of his time studying biology and researching cancer and infectious diseases to create new therapies. As a research scientist, he has published articles in peer-reviewed journals, and collaborated with respected colleagues around the globe. “NANO’S JOURNEY! A Little Stem Cell Visits the Heart and Lungs” is Aldo’s first children’s book for future scientists.

Illustrator Jen Yoon (Jeongin Yoon) is an illustrator based in Seoul and New York. She enjoys mixing both traditional and digital mediums, creating complex layers.

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